The Two Hopeless Alcoholics

Our journey together the started almost fifteen years ago me coming back from my second stint in rehab and her  in the serenity house for recovering addicts and alcoholics. What a pair one of the first things you learn when you  are new to recover is do not enter into a new relationship with another person fresh into recover. Linda my future wife knew her future was an unpredictable one because of an illness she was born with (it was degenerative) so she had to take what happiness she could grab. It all started on a Friday after our seven o’clock meeting when she walked up to me and whispered I think you’re cute what are you going to do about it. I was surprised and the only thing I could think to say was I think you’re cute too. Linda had me from that day on I was hooked I started falling hard we started talking on the phone every night and seeing each other when ever we could.

Linda was the love of my life I just had no idea until after I lost her. She made everyday a joy no matter how she felt she had joy in her heart I loved this about her. Never one to waste a minute on things she had no control over Linda liked to focus on the here and now. Linda made me a better person I had no idea a person could be happy without a fear of the unknown. Today I struggle with her lost because I truly believe I lost my better half on January *, 2015. I miss the tomorrows, my best friend, my level head, and the part of my that slowed down before make rash decisions. The rash decision part always had trouble with the impulsivity it is a work in progress although I fear it may never be completed. I am a better person for having known and loved Linda Stephanie Knox. I will remember,cherish, and continue to make her proud of me.

I love you and miss you Babe.



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