Not the Party of Lincoln

If Lincoln was a live to day to see what has become of his party he would cry out this is not what I stand for. Today’s Republican Party is the party of the Wealth, Greedy, Selfish and Racists and lets not forget the Religious intolerant. I say this not to be mean but because no one else will say the truth not our politicians, nor the media. One of the biggest tenants of the Republican party is that government should stay out of peoples lives. People should do for themselves unless a woman wants to make choices about her body then government knows best, unless gay people wish to get married then government knows best, Unless minorities want to vote then lets block the vote.

Republicans care more about the rich than about the average person if you do not believe me look at what this congress has done to help the working poor, middle class, homeless ,and veterans. I dare you to find one piece of legislation writing to help the people who need it the most  if the Republicans cared they would have worked with the Democrats and President to pass one of his Jobs bills, extend unemployment, raise the minimum wage. Not the Keystone Pipeline, not TTP things that do not help the average American but the rich people in Oil and working on Wall Street.

The Republican party is no longer the party of Lincoln an inclusive party but a party of hate, fear and exclusion. What amazes me is that the few Minorities, Women, and Gay people stay around; the at time blatant hate shown to people who have different views.


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