Revaluation of my Life


Have you ever had a time when you knew what you wanted to do with the rest of your life to only to discover or so you think you may have made a mistake.  I have reached the point in my life where I feel I need to revaluate my life. What I have seen so far looks like one bad decision after another I picked my wife and myself up and moved to New Mexico only not find a place to live. Got a job in Texas working at a Juvenile correction facility for girls only to leave chasing the almighty dollar to Nevada to discover I made a mistake.  I say that because after we moved I found out the employees in my job classification got a raise if I had only waited. But no I was not satisfied so we moved to a place were I am not only bringing home less but we are living foul.

Had an opportunity to start over again but made another bad decision and here we are stuck. I a place I am not happy and I am stressing my wife making her unhappy. Neither of us wants to go back to Indiana especially her I am willing because I know it is safe. However it is not what I really want what I want is to make a good decision and settle down. complete my Masters and live a happy life.